Ready to Take your Results to the NEXT LEVEL?

Whether you have been going to the gym for years or are just starting your training journey, FUELLING your body appropriately for your goals can be a GAMECHANGER in how you LOOK, FEEL, & PERFORM!

Meet YQL Nutrition !!!

We are a team of certified nutrition coaches who are COMMITTED to helping you reach your goals, optimize your results in the gym, and build life-long habits that will serve you well beyond your time in our program!

Our Programs are CUSTOMIZED to the individual person's life and goals while focusing on the following pillars of transformation:

✔️METABOLISM.         ✔️MINDSET.         ✔️MOVEMENT.         ✔️MEALS/MACROS

Results you Can Expect:

- Learn how to nourish your body for your current goals (weight loss, muscle gain, increased energy, improved gym performance) so you can feel confident with your nutrition instead of overwhelmed

- Learn how to MAINTAIN your results so you can keep the weight off, continue to progress in the gym and feel energetic in your daily life!  

- Enjoy FLEXIBILITY with your nutrition so you can eat foods you LOVE while making progress 

- Foster a positive relationship with food so you feel in control of your food choices 

- Learn how to nourish YOUR unique body at your current stage of life (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond!) -  every individual is different!

- Develop life long habits that allow you to FEEL your best!

- Optimize your workouts so you can feel amazing in the gym, get the most out of your training and recovery, and continue to see the progress you are looking for!! 

What 1-1 Coaching Includes:

✔️A personalized nutrition plan based on your unique goals and life so you can discover the nutrition approach that works best for YOU

✔️Intro Phone Call with your Coach so you can have all your questions answered before starting your program!

✔️Weekly Check-ins with your nutrition coach to ensure all your needs are met 

✔️ Adjustments and feedback from your coach based on progress and consistency so you can continue to progress week after week

✔️Education on YOU and your habits, nutrition, lifestyle, training, and supplementation

✔️24/5 text support Mon-Fri (so you dont have to wait for checkin day to get answers to your questions!)

✔️Access to our YQL Nutrition Member Only Facebook group for community support and recipes

✔️YQL Nutrition Client Portal for downloads, guides, and more!

Please fill out the form below & book your call to get started on your journey with 1-1 Coaching!

As a member of YQL Nutrition, you will work 1:1 with Robyn, Megan, Kylie, or Lilian depending on availability and who is the best fit for you!


The YQL Nutrition Team hold the following certifications:

Precision Nutrition Level 1,

Nutritional Coaching Institute Level 1 & Nutritional Coaching Institute Hormone Certification,

Girls Gone Strong Women's Coaching Specialization,

Health Mindset Coaching Certification,

Functional Metabolism Nutritional Specialization


Robyn is the founder of YQL Nutrition, partner to Russ (owner of CrossFit Framework in Lethbridge Alberta), and mother to two beautiful high energy boys, Maddox and Jet. She is a Registered Nurse and Clinical Nursing Instructor in the Operating Room.

Why Robyn Fell in Love with Nutrition Coaching:

Robyn has always been intrigued about health, nutrition, and fitness. Growing up she was an uncoordinated, unathletic girl who desperately wanted to live a fit and healthy lifestyle but didn't understand how. She spent alot of time spinning her wheels, trying fad diets, excessive exercising … nothing seemed to work! She always felt low energy, looked “skinny and fluffy” and was struggling to achieve the fit athletic physique she desired.
TWO things changed everything for her - she started lifting heavy weights (introduced through CrossFit) and learned how to nourish her body appropriately through the help of working one on one with a nutrition coach. She learned to let go of the desire for a “quick fix” and instead made the decision to be in this for the long game - a truly LIFE CHANGING experience!

Some Fun Facts about Robyn:

Robyn loves travelling, being outside in nature, and exposing her children to new experiences. She loves coffee, dancing (badly, but still dancing), going for long walks, and enjoying a glass of wine with a friend.

As a Nutrition Coach, Robyn loves helping women learn how to put themselves FIRST and experience firsthand how their lives and relationships are transformed when their needs and goals are fulfilled. She loves showing her clients the key to lasting transformation is establishing habits that you LOVE and allow you to feel your best! "Your habits define your future self"


Megan is a Registered Nurse on Labour and Delivery. She lives in Lethbridge Alberta with her partner Nils, and their two adorable dogs, Sophie and Bernie. 

Why Megan Fell in Love with Nutrition Coaching:

As a young adult, Megan felt overwhelmed by misinformation on what “healthy” eating was. Based on what she read online and in magazines, she began doing endless hours of cardio and eating 1100-1200 calories/day because she thought this was what was necessary to be healthy and change her physique, like many other women. She felt tired, cranky, and still hadn’t reached her goals, so she decided to hire a nutrition coach. She began to set goals that were much deeper than achieving a scale weight as she reflected on what a balanced lifestyle meant to HER. This is why she fell in love with nutrition coaching- having the right approach with the right coach can truly be life-changing in all areas of life! 

Some Fun Facts about Megan:

Megan is OBSESSED with travel and loves exploring new cultures. To her, one of the best parts of healing her relationship with food was that she is now able to lean into how food is a part of different cultures and enjoy different foods while traveling without guilt. Her favourite places she’s traveled to include Greece, Italy, and Germany, where her Husband is from. 

As a Nutrition Coach, Megan loves working with clients to explore MINDSET. Megan worked as a registered nurse on psychiatry for many years, and both of her parents were psychiatric nurses. She believes that trust and empathy are essential to her coach-client relationships, and she works with every one of her clients to establish this in order to help her clients live a life in alignment with their unique goals! 


Kylie is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Instructor and studied Kinesiology at University of Alberta. She lives in Blackfoot Alberta with her son Brookes, partner Cody, big dog Murphy, and is expecting the arrival of her second baby this fall.

Why Kylie Fell in Love with Nutrition Coaching:

Kylie was a previous client of YQL Nutrition where she discovered the SHIFT from restrictive nutrition methods and constantly trying to find “the best” diet, to now embracing a life of food freedom through healthy habits, flexibility, and eating foods she truly enjoys.

Some Fun Facts about Kylie:

Kylie's favourite foods include a traditional breakfast of bacon, eggs, and waffles. 
Her favourite workout is a good strength training leg day or a CrossFit partner chipper!

As a Nutrition Coach, Kylie loves helping her clients discover the shift from restrictive dieting to true FOOD FREEDOM! She loves being able to help educate her clients so they dont feel the pressure or negativity around nutrition they may have felt in the past ...her motto is "nutrition is simple you can't screw this up!" She loves to help clients learn to play the 'long game' with their nutrition and places a focus on fostering consistency over perfection so her clients can enjoy flexibility while making progress towards their goals! Kylie was able to improve her health, gym performance, well-being and relationship with food, and she loves helping her clients do the same!



Lilian is a Registered Nurse who specializes in Labour and Delivery and Public Health. She lives in Calgary Alberta with her partner Eric and cuddly dog Hank.

Why Lilian Fell in love with Nutrition Coaching:

Lilian has always had a passion for food and nutrition. During her nursing career she struggled to navigate healthy eating with shift work, life events and the overwhelming fitness/health advice on the internet. After multiple failed attempts to reach her goals independantly, Lilian reached out to YQL Nutrition for a coach. Coaching was the compass and the accountability she needed to be successful. She fell in love with coaching because her coach challenged her to view health and fitness from a wider lens than simply aesthetics. Lilian started to notice how much better she FEELS and wanted to help others to feel their best as well.

Some Fun Facts about Lilian:

Lilian loves hiking and being outdoors with her family. Part of healing her own relationship with food was learning how to eat in alignment with her goals at large family gatherings, while camping, and on vacation. 
She is obsessed with The Office and Parks and Rec and always has either on while she is meal prepping. 

As a Nutrition Coach, Lilian loves challenging peoples limiting beliefs. She enjoys discussing MINDSET and how psychology influences health and fitness. Lilian believes in developing strong coach-client relationships that are a judgement free zone so her clients feel comfortable discussing messy middles as they work though their journeys. Progress not perfection.